Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here's a simple picture everyone should memorize when thinking of ABGs. It will help you memorize metabolic acidosis/alkalosis and respiratory acidosis/alkalosis.

A complete explanation can be found here

Practice problems can be found here

Have fun!!!

Posted especially for my friend Kristen :)


Saturday, July 24, 2010


hey everyone i'm back. so it's been a year since i graduated, walked across the stage and received my RN pin. it's also been a year since i took the NCLEX and passed. I am now working at a nearby hospital as a Registered Nurse in a MedSurg/Oncology/Remote Telemetry Floor. A little bit of everything but I can say i've learned a lot in my 8 month and counting of being employed there full time.

Life as an RN isn't that glamorous. 90% of the time you are stressed over your team of patients. You've got to have a excellent prioritization skill, excellent critical thinking skills, lots and lots of patience and still be able to smile at the end of the day. It's rough when you have between 5-7 patients all needing your attention at the same time. Add to that equation the family members who wants to know everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, including the doctor's treatment plan. I honestly don't have access to what the doctor's brain is thinking in regards to the patient's care. All i can tell them is what's written as plan of care. Anything that's not written is not included in the plan of care. One MD once told me to tell the patient's family that if they wanted to manage the patient's care themselves, they can very well go and find another doctor. LOL!

...will continue later :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


After weeks of studying and all the stress in this world combined, i am proud to say that i am now officially a Registered Nurse in the State of Illinois as of July 30, 2009.

BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!!!!! i felt like all the burdens have been lifted off my shoulders! now, it's time to be aggressive in finding a job and start earning money. Thank God for all the blessings! Read more...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Calculating IV flow rates

Intravenous fluid must be given at a specific rate, neither too fast nor too slow. The specific rate may be measured as milliliter per hour (ml/hr) or drops per minute (gtt/min).

The formula used are:
1. if there is no drip factor given, the question will always ask for ml/hr or flow rate ***ml/hr = volume given / hours***
Sample problem:
An order was written to infuse a liter of IV fluid every 8 hours, at what rate would the IV pump be set for?
>>> Solution <<<
ml/hr = 1000ml/8hrs = 125 ml/hr

2. If drip factor is given, the answer will always be gtt/min
***gtt/min = volume x drop factor / hours x 60***

Sample problem:
1500 ml IV Saline is ordered over 12 hours. Using a drop factor of 15 drops/ml, how many drops per minute need to be delivered?
>>> Solution <<<
gtt/min = 15gtt/1ml x 1500ml/12 hrs x 1 hr/60min = 31.25gtt/min

Sample 3
MD ordered 100ml of NaCl to be infused over 30 minutes with a drip factor of 16gtt/ml
gtt/min = 16gtt/1ml x 100ml/30min = 53.33

click below for sample problems

1. Order: D5W 1000ml q6 hours IV. What is the flow rate of there is an infusion pump?

2. Order: LR 1000ml over 12 hours using an infusion pump. What is the flow rate?

3. Order: Infuse 10% lipids 500 ml over 10 hours. What is the flow rate?

4. Order: Verapamil 1mg/hr IV. Available: Verapamil 10mg in 100ml D5W. What is the infusion rate?

5. Order: Dopamine 7mcg/kg/min. Available: Dopamine 400mg in 250 ml D5W. Patient weight is 125.4lbs. What is the infusion rate?

will type gtt/min problems later...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Med Dosage Calculation

Common Conversion Used in Nursing

1ml = 1cc = 15gtt
1ml = 60 microdrops
1t = 5ml
1T = 3t = 15ml
1 oz = 30ml
1cup = 240ml
1L = 1000ml
1ml = 15 minims
1g = 1000mg = 1000mcg
1kg = 2.2 lbs
1 grain = 60mg *grain is always expressed in Roman Numerals

Click below to see a sample computation and sample problems

Sample problem:

MD ordered Aspirin gr X for headache. The drug on hand is Aspirin 300mg. What would be the correct dosage?
*always write the unknown on the left side and start your solution on the right that corresponds to the given*


Tab = 1tab x 60mg x 60gr = 2tablets
..... 300mg .... 1gr
* cross out the same units of measurements (like those in red) and you will be left with whatever you were looking for*

1. A client has an order for Chloromycetin 500mg q6 hours. The drug comes in 250mg per capsule. How many capsules would the client receieve in 24 hours?

2. A client has an order for Phenobarbital gr. 1.5 The drug is available in 30mg tablets. What would be the correct dosage?

3. An order of Aminophylline 300mg IV STAT was ordered. The stock is 200mg/5ml. How much of this drug should the patient get?

4. A client has an order for Ampicillin 500m. The stock is Ampicillin 125 mg. How many capsules should the patient get?

5. The doctor has ordered Toradol 45mg IM for migraine headache. The medication is supplied in 30mg/ml. How many ml should the nurse give?

6. The physician has ordered Lovenox 80mg SQ QD for prevention of DVT. The medication comes in 80mg/0.8ml. How many cc should the nurse administer?

7. A patient's meal tray came back with the following items consumed. 1 cup of coffee, 1/2 cup of milk, 2 cups of fruit juice, 1 cup of jello. What would be documented in the patient's intake?

8. The doctor Ordered Stadol 0.002g IM PRN for pain. The drug is supplied in 1mg/ml. How many mililiters will the nurse administer?

1. 2 capsules
2. 3 tablets
3. 7.5 ml
4. 4 capsules
5. 1.5 ml
6. 0.8 ml
7. 840 oz
8. 2 ml


a little update

ive finally finished nursing school May 16th!!! woo hoo!!! now on to the pressure of passing the boards. the last semester was a roller coaster for me, so much studying to do, lots of drama, class officer headaches, you name it - i have experienced it. But all of those are behind me now and i'm so glad!!!! can't wait to have a job too ahahahaha

so now, im reformatting this blog for my friend who will start nursing program this fall. i feel like it would just be right to share my knowledge and kinda help it make it easy for others to stay in the nursing program. i had someone who had been an angel to me giving me tips and advices and i know its time to return the favor by helping someone else.

so Cel, this is for you!!!! goodluck on your journey to nursing school. One advice, dont dwell on whatever hardships you will come across, always think that tomorrow will be better. i will always be here if you need guidance and some inspiration!

by the way, here's something as an inspiration:


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well, guess what? Been done with school for the time being, so i've been catching up with some partying. And when i say party, i mean drinking and dancing. Or as my other friends say and do, juking! Well, i'm too old for juking unless it's the first definition found in the urban dictionary [read here] the rest of the definitions are way too out of this world for me lol!!! Hey, i'm a prude, so what????

here's some pictures of what i did to celebrate early christmas with my study group/best nursing school friends


*added today*
here are pictures of the party

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paranoid or what?

So,what would you do when someone you dont know pulls up your driveway, started beeping the horn, and when you don't come to the door, starts ringing your bell? Then, drive away, only to come back, start beeping their horn again and when you still won't come to the door, rings your bell and starts yelling and pounding at your door?

Call 9-1-1! At least that's what i did today.

Well, i'm by myself at home with my dog, wasn't expecting anyone. I was in the kitchen fixing something, when i heard a car's horn beeping. Since i can see half of my driveway from my kitchen window, i peeked and i saw an old car [not good with car's model] and i thought, whoever it is will realize he's got the wrong house. So, the guy [later found out it's a man] stepped out of his car and rang the door bell. I didn't come to the door. I figured he will realize he's got the wrong address. So after a while, he drove away. I thought maybe he realized that no one's home and that he's got the wrong address.

Minutes later, he came back, started beeping the horn again and when nobody opened the door for him, started banging at my front door & yelling [couldn't make out what or who he's yelling for]. Anyway, i got so scared, i called 911 and told the operator that i couldn't get through with 3-1-1; told the dispatch that someone's banging [yes, not just a polite knock] at my door and that they send an officer right away. I hang up the phone, went to my bedroom window and saw the car pulling away. So then i ran to the front so i could make out his license plate number. Apparently, he saw the blinds move when i tried to get a look at his plates, so he pulled into my driveway again. I then went back to my bedroom coz i figure, if he's that mad yelling at my front door, he could have a gun, shoot the door, then i have to be as far away from the front door, where i will be safe from the bullet. After a while, he left.

The cops came, i told them my story, gave them a good description of the car [green with black hood on] and the license plate. They told me to just call 9-1-1 again if he comes back and meanwhile, they will drive around and try to look for the car.

So, what do you all make out of this? Am i too paranoid? Was i watching too much CSI or Law & Order or any of those shows?I didnt know what came to me but my first instinct was to not open the door and to call the cops. In January of this year, Oprah did a show about "Gift of Fear" [you can read about it here]. I believe what came to me today was my instinct. I don't even want to venture my thoughts into what could have happened to me earlier or wether i just overreacted. All i know is that something told my guts not to open the door.

So please, if you are not expecting anyone, don't open your door to strangers. If they are really in the right address, they will leave a note or call you on the phone. Sad as it may seem, a lot of things happen because we don't trust our instincts. Just remember, it's better to be safe than sorry.