Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a little update

ive finally finished nursing school May 16th!!! woo hoo!!! now on to the pressure of passing the boards. the last semester was a roller coaster for me, so much studying to do, lots of drama, class officer headaches, you name it - i have experienced it. But all of those are behind me now and i'm so glad!!!! can't wait to have a job too ahahahaha

so now, im reformatting this blog for my friend who will start nursing program this fall. i feel like it would just be right to share my knowledge and kinda help it make it easy for others to stay in the nursing program. i had someone who had been an angel to me giving me tips and advices and i know its time to return the favor by helping someone else.

so Cel, this is for you!!!! goodluck on your journey to nursing school. One advice, dont dwell on whatever hardships you will come across, always think that tomorrow will be better. i will always be here if you need guidance and some inspiration!

by the way, here's something as an inspiration:

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