Thursday, December 6, 2007

my new life

fall semester is almost over - i cant believe i only have until Monday before i could regain my life back. Looking back, these are the things that nursing school changed in me:

1. i became a slob - ok not so much but gone are the days where i would have the weekends free to clean my house top to bottom and do all the laundry - plus fold them and put them away. Now, the only place that gets cleaned all the time is the bathroom and the kitchen. I have written a new definition to clean - floors that are free of clutter read: clothes or any big items on the floor; if it's not gonna hurt if you step on it, it can stay on the floor :D [books and papers on the floor and all surfaces has replaced the area rug and accessories that are normally like vase or decorative objects]

2. sleeping is now a luxury to me - i use to sleep 7-9 hours every night, but not anymore. I'd be so lucky to get 6 hours of sleep, normally i only get 4-5 hours of sleep and the rest of the time, my eyes are glued on the books. It would be deathly boring if it was not because of some of those pictures that i agree, are quite interesting to look at. Read craven Chapter 52 lol!!!

3. I gained more muffin-top! (*gasp*) - lunch in school most of the time looks like it was prepared in an assembly line for the jail people. i would not be surprised if their [jail] food would taste a lot better - cafeteria food is horrible! soup most of the time is chili, salad will all be wilted greens, burger would be so dried up might as well call it beef jerky and pizza is undercooked you would be better off renaming it - DOUGH! hehehe muffin top is not mainly because of food in fairness to the cafeteria. it was because of hours of sitting hunched over the books so dont be surprised if you see me next time looking like Quasimodo with bloodshot eyes like a witch who stayed long after halloween was over

4. tv viewing has been reduced to really important stuff i want to watch - hey i still get to watch tv maybe i still have a life ? :P i use to watch tv all the time and movies too! now, my bestfriend is the DVD recorder and it's remote control. i dont have to feel so guilty about watching tv coz i'm still saving time by forwarding the commercials - so instead of watching a normal program for an hour, i saved about 20 minutes by forwarding it. see - i gained 20 minutes!!!!
i never thought id feel guilty reading the sale paper, watching tv, checking my email, friendster & myspace. even taking long showers makes me feel guilty!!!! when we had orientation for nursing and the instructor said, you have to budget your time wisely even taking your shower, i thought - you're so full of crap! shame shame - they're right!!!

oh well, blabbing here has used up my lunch time, i better go back to my books and NCP. i am now feeling guilt again lol!!!!

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