Saturday, November 1, 2008


for the past three weeks [and one more week to go], i have been on pediatrics rotation. i seem to get past their illness and focus on how cute they are. i seem to be drawn to look at their beautiful innocent eyes, their chubby cheeks and those little fingers and toes and it seem to be so far fetched when you think that a few years from now, those tiny feet won't be so tiny no more.

couple of days ago, i was assigned to care for a 21 day old baby. she is as cute as a button. she's at par with the growth and development. at 21 days, she responds to my voice and turns her head towards me when i talk to her from the other side of the crib. she's got a thick, black, shiny hair on top of her head, and a few lanugo in her arms and back. she is sooooo soft when i touched her skin. i can go on and on listing down her angelic qualities but i guess you all get the picture.

her mom's in the room trying to get some sleep. so i did my job as quietly as possible. took her temperature, pulse, respiration, measured her head circumference and height. she is a little bit congested when i listened to her lungs and i noticed a suction device on the bedside table, and my hunch was confirmed. poor little button nose. she sneezed twice too when i was measuring her lol!

i picked her up and fed her 2 oz of milk. for such a small baby, she sure can drink up that milk fast! and burped a giant one too!!! how cute!!! well of course, what followed was expected. i got a present from her, thank you little booger lol!

she then fell asleep in my arms but when i put her down in the crib, she woke up and started fussing. so i picked her up again and found myself humming a lullabye...uggghhh!!! rock a bye baby on the tree top!!! LOL!!!!! her mom said i'm spoiling her. i cant help it hahahaha. i, who had wanted a baby for so long, cant help but hold those babies close to me in amazement.

i sooo love pediatric rotation!!!!

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